Boschman Technologies, a solution driven company serving the semiconductor assembly industries worldwide

Boschman Technologies is an experienced and dynamic high-tech company serving the global semiconductor assembly industry providing quality solutions for all your packaging needs. Boschman Technologies is founded in 1990 and based in Duiven (near Arnhem in The Netherlands) in a modern, well-equipped facility on the 'Nieuwgraaf' industry park.

Mold tools

All our molds are developed, engineered, manufactured and tested at our mold tooling center in the Netherlands, all under one roof. Our design specialists and experienced craftsmen form a formidable team with one goal in mind: meeting your requirements. Thanks to our long history of innovative design and precision manufacturing in the Netherlands, our molds comply with the highest standards.  We only use powder metallurgy tool steels of the highest quality, deploy certified heat treatments and coating processes and our manufacturing processes are run by qualified and experienced experts. Our molds offer unprecedented wear resistance, dimensional stability and field-replaceable spare parts during their entire service life.

Molding and Sintering Systems

Our molding and sintering systems are developed at our systems R&D facility in the Netherlands. Mechanical, electrical, software, process and mold-design experts work in multi-disciplinary teams to realize the best possible total system solution. Our researcher's and designer's long-term technical and field experience is further enhanced by direct end-user interaction. Systems are produced for the full 100 % at Boschman Technologies Asia in Singapore. Opened in 1997, this production site has gradually developed local capabilities for the manufacturing of our molding systems. Aside from an experienced production staff, we have local mechanical, electrical, software and process engineers available to ensure and maintain the highest possible production quality. Materials and parts used in our molding and sintering systems are carefully selected and tested on the basis of functionality, safety, availability and especially sustainability.

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