Boschman Technologies molding system platforms

Unistar molding systems platform, a truly modular technology platform

The Unistar molding systems offer the ability to handle a wide array of different package types. Unistar systems are of unique design. This modular molding technology platform can be used to encapsulate (mold) any current and future package format, making it a safe investment. All Unistar FF systems are equipped with Film-Assisted Molding technology. These systems can run standard packages both with and without Film-Assisted Molding technologies.

Advanced process control

Unistar platform molding systems are equipped with advanced transfer molding process control features to control, auto-monitor and gather process information. These systems can control the complete transfer process from the transfer to the end cure phase. Real-time end cure pressure control comes as standard on all our systems, ensuring peak loads will not damage your valuable devices.

Flexstar molding systems platform

An innovative and low cost of ownership molding solution for QFN packages. 60 % lower cost of ownership will be achieved when using our Adhesive Film Technology (AFT) for molding your QFN devices. This platform can work also with pre-taped lead frames. Furthermore Seal film Technology can be used on this platform.

Reelstar molding system platform

Automatic reel-to-reel multiplunger molding system designed for contactless smartcard modules, contact smartcard modules and discrete small signal packages and ultra-thin tape-based packages. The reelstar platform offers unrivaled high throughput, competitive pricing, low compound waste, and high-precision mold tooling.

Superstar molding system platform

Fully automatic 4-strip multiplunger Superstar molding system is designed for ultra-high-density lead frame-based and substrate-based standard packages. Higher lead frame and substrate density means lower material costs, lower assembly costs and lower depreciation. The system can reach a clamping force of 250 tons (125 tons per chase) and can handle carriers of up to 100 x 300mm.