Sinterstar innovate-F-XL

The most universal semi-automatic sintering system for all your green, lead free die attach technologies. Silver sintering is a new die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. Resulting in high yield and high reliability. The system is capable to sinter a wide range of different devices, among others led, power, igbt, qfn, clip/heatsinks, thyristor and custom designed power module devices. The Sinterstar Innovate-F-XL excels in offering largest sinter area of 350 x 270 mm and a precise temperature control up to 320 C. Our unique high precision dynamic insert pressure control technologies enables you to sinter multiple dies with different die thicknesses. Resulting in a controlled and predictable bond strength.

Dynamic Insert Control Technologies

Sintering pressure is precisely controlled on each individual device or group of devices during the complete sintering process. The sinter pressure is programmable via the MMI (man-machine-interface). Enables multiple die thickness sintering in one sintering process. The dynamic controlled inserts automatically compensate for die height differences and tilt. Compensates also for tolerance differences when same die thicknesses are used. Resulting in a controlled and predictable bond strength. The sintering pressure is independently controlled from the tool closing force.

High Precision Press with Self Correcting Clamping System

Real time closing force control from 20-100 tons by easy to use, color touchscreen parameter settings. Sinter tool movements are controlled by servo motors.

Precise Sintering Temperature Control up to 320 C

With the possibility to use sintering temperatures up to 320 C all known sintering applications can be used on this system. Precise temperature control ensures even sintering temperatures over the complete sintering area.

Largest Effective Sintering Area 350x270mm

Allows for highest production volumes and lowest sintering costs. Ensures all known applications can be sintered on this system.

Sintering Tool Configurations

Boschman offers specific tool solutions according customer wishes and application specific requirements. Small test tools for process development and research, production tools with dynamic inserts and fixed sintering production tools. All tools are designed, manufactured and tested in house at our tooling center in Duiven, the Netherlands. All tools are universally designed and fit on all our semi-automatic and fully automatic sintering systems. Tool exchange is easy and quick.

Top film protection

A roll to roll film protects the devices during the sintering operation and keeps the die clean. System can also run without film in case direct hard sintering is needed.

Hard Disk Drive and USB Port

Enables storage of all relevant process parameters and allows for easy extraction of data. All key process parameters can be monitored real time with upper and lower limits. Graphical display of sintering pressure, time and temperature is done for each individual sintering cycle.

Smallest Footprint and Easy Access, CE-certified

Cavity gas supply support

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