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    About Boschman

Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology is a family owned company, founded in 1987 and headed by Frank and Eef Boschman. Frank is Co-founder and CEO of the Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology group and Managing Director of Boschman Equipment. Eef is the Managing Director of the Boschman Package Development and Assembly Services activities. We are  a high-tech, solution driven Dutch company focusing on advanced packaging solutions. We specialize in the development and supply of advanced transfer molding and sintering systems.

Besides the development and supply of advanced equipment solutions we regularly join forces with R&D departments of our customers to co-develop and research innovative packaging concepts.  We strongly believe that early involvement in the development process is a prerequisite to obtain the highest quality, reliable  processes, the lowest cost of ownership and the shortest time to market.

We provide a unique one-stop-shop concept – from idea to industrialization – offering our customers one point of contact for all packaging activities. We consider ourselves to be a niche player, focused on well defined high growth market segments for Power Modules + MEMS & Sensors for the Automotive, Industrial, Mobile and Medical market.

With focus on technology leadership in Film Assisted Molding (encapsulation) and Ag sintering technology supported by our patented Dynamic Insert Technology we enable revolutionary package developments. Independent whether better performance, size reduction or cost reduction of a package is required we can support our customers achieving their goals.

    Core Values

We strive to establish a Company Culture where our everyday work is guided by these five Values to maximise success and sustainable growth:

  1. Challenge: We establish ambitious goals, take calculate risks, maintain high quality standards and seek to exceed expectations.
  2. Commit: We are accountable, both individually and as a team, to deliver on our commitments.
  3. Collaborate: We value teamwork, both with our customers and colleagues in pursuid of excellence and continuous improvement
  4. Communicate: We are open in our communications, we listen carefull instead of reacting fast. We are concise, articulate and respectful in written and spoken communication.
  5. Care: We care about our customers, our colleagues, our environment, our shareholders and our place in the world at large

“We love to package your chips”

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Advanced packaging technology

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Advanced packaging technology

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