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by Boschman

About Us

From conceptualization towards high yield production.

We research, design and prototype advanced packaging concepts. Together with you, we develop and assemble innovative, out of the box package solutions. It all starts with getting to know each other’s expectations, capabilities and limitations in order to build your tomorrow’s product today! 

Our services

Package conceptualization

In the concept phase critical design points are being investigated by flow analysis, stress and thermal FEM simulations.

Package design

Details are being defined and an overview of pros and cons in terms of assembly risks and used technology versus costs is made.

Prototyping & Sampling

The goal of prototyping is to proof that the concept works and delivers packaged products according to specifications. Prototypes are suitable for reliability testing and customer sampling.

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Industrial & Renewables

Our application areas

Smaller, better and lower cost, we realize the best package for your product!

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Advanced packaging technology

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Advanced packaging technology

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