Boschman is the one stop shop for highly innovative packaging solutions.

We support you at each and every stage of your package design, assembly or Sintering  and Molding equipment needs. From idea to production. Choose the service that fits your needs:

Package Development

Research, design and prototyping of advanced packaging concepts is what we do. Develop your tomorrow’s products together, today!

Assembly Services

Small series sampling and low to medium production assembly. From 10 to thousands, from design to advanced packages production. To verify the concept together.

Production Equipment

Development and supply of advanced packaging equipment (transfer molding & Ag sintering) for efficient and high quality manufacturing.  Our unique technologies will benefit your products.

From idea to industrialization.

Boschman is a high-tech, solution driven Dutch company focusing on advanced packaging solutions. We provide a unique one-stop-shop concept – from idea to industrialization – offering our customers one point of contact for all packaging business. This approach ensures all processes to be carefully monitored and integrated, in order to create the most efficient and effective packaging solution and as short as possible time-to-market.

Our technologies


Silver sintering is a proven die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. It provides both high yield and high reliability.

Through Polymer Via (TPV)

Through Polymer Via (TPV) is a patented technology to create high-density high-aspect ratio electrical and/or optical inter-connections through (transfer-molding) package encapsulation.

Film Assisted Molding (FAM)

FAM is a cluster of unique technologies using films in the mold before the products  to be encapsulated by means of transfer molding. This results in  improved package quality.

Dynamic Insert Technology

Dynamic Insert Technology (DIT) is a patented technology that has been developed to further optimize the performance of FAM to automatically and dynamically control pressure.

Our satisfied clients can be found in the following industries:





Industrial & Renewables

Our application areas

Smaller, better and lower cost, we realize the best package for your product!

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