Find out more about Boschman advanced packaging technology in our videos below:

Ag Sintering Technology by Boschman

Silver sintering is a proven die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. It provides both high yield and high reliability.

Film Assisted Molding Technology by Boschman

Learn more about our Film Assisted transfer Molding equipment

Backside wafer lamination by Boschman

Learn more about backside wafer lamination and dicing of the laminated wafer

Sintering Technology Overview

This animation provides an overview of the different Sintering Technologies Boschman can offer. Every application is unique and requires the right solution to guarantee the most optimal performance in terms of Cost, Output and Quality.

Film Assisted Molding with Individual Dynamic Inserts

This animation explains the Film Assisted Transfer Molding principle with Individual Dynamic Inserts applying an equal pressure on every single Die to keep specific areas fully exposed. This patented technology is ideal for Mems & Sensors, Optical and Power Module applications.

Frank Boschman at Semicon China 2019

Here you can see the interview wit Frank Boschman at the the Holland High Tech pavilion at Semicon China 2019.

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